What We Take For Granted

We often take lots for granted – sometimes it is the key people in our world like our husband or wife who just gets on with the daily grind or it could be tangible items such as having hot water on demand. There’s nothing worse than not being able to have a hot shower when you want one. Here are a few things that we shouldn’t take for granted: The unconditional love of our children. As much as they cost us money, drive us mad and cause no end of headaches, we all love our children. The unconditional love they display to us while still little is not be overlooked as it will change as they grow into teenagers. If you can preserve that unconditional love throughout their teens, you are a very special person indeed.

Having food in the fridge and panty. This is not called the ‘Lucky Country’ for anything. There is so much poverty and waste in the world that by appreciating having enough food to live on and the ability to have ingredients on hand to cook a favourite dish should not be forgotten. Not everyone in the world has full tummies every day before bedtime. The use of manners and common courtesy. How come we teach our kids to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ only for them to forget it once they reach adulthood? The use of these two simple phrases can make a difference. It might even be the difference between getting a job or not. Manners do not cost anything but make such a good impression and tagged with a smile, indestructible! In fact, my husband has such beautiful manners it was one of his qualities that attracted me to him in the first place!

Our skin. It surrounds our skeleton every day, can get dirty but is easily washed and is remarkable at healing itself once it has been cut or broken. It is an amazing part of our body that is often forgotten about. By using the best Australian organic skin care as part of your daily cleansing routine would ensure that your skin is nourished and looked after to a high standard. There are products with all natural ingredients without any of those harmful chemicals and great fragrances. What more could skin need? If looking for organic skin care products Australia, visit https://skincarebymaringa.com/

Having eyes to see the world. Imagine not being able to see what is around you; the colours of a sunset, the heat haze of a hot summer’s day, the hot air balloons on a sunrise flight. We see so many shades of colours on daily basis, so many faces, signs, written words, movies … need I go on? I could go on with more. By taking a few minutes to think about what you take for granted, it might make you smile at a stranger or even say the occasional ‘hello’ to a passer-by. You never know what a positive impact that may have on someone else.